Mercian Surgical supplies Tehran conference

Mercian Surgical has provided Micro Instruments to a Maxillo Facial Surgeon operating at an important Tehran Conference.

An international maxillofacial surgery meeting in Tehran, Iran saw Mr Samuel Mattine, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon, perform live reconstructive microvascular surgery. The intricate operations were performed on two patients with craniofacial pathology.


One of the patients was a 12 year old girl who had lost three quarters of her mandible following resection for cancer at the age of seven. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the reconstruction necessary, the surgery could not be performed locally and she had spent many years seeing various specialists to no avail.

These operations provided an excellent educational opportunity for the local residents, ENT and orthopaedics who were able to witness the techniques first hand.

We are pleased to announce that the surgery was a success, with both patients being discharged a couple of weeks later.

John Duffy, Managing Director of Mercian, said: “Mr Mattine contacted Mercian early in January and explained the complex reconstructive surgery he was going to undertake during his visit to Tehran. He asked if we were able to provide him with a set of our Micro Instruments to take with him, which we were delighted to supply for such a worthwhile cause.”

Mr Mattine stated that charitable contributions from Mercian and other companies “made it possible for such acts of kindness, allowing us to make difference in the lives of these well deserving patients. I would like to express my deepest thanks for their support and contribution which proved crucial in my ability to offer these complex and life changing procedures.”

For more information or to view our full range of Micro Instruments, please consult our Micro Surgery Instruments brochure.

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