Advanced Black Belt ACD Cervical Retractor set

Our Black Belt Cervical Spine Retractor is the most popular Retractor for Anterior Cervical Discectomy procedures.

Well known and favoured by Neuro and Orthopaedic Surgeons this Spinal Retractor has many unique features to assist the Surgeon in performing Cervical and Lumbar Spine surgery.

The Retractor Frames are multi articulating allowing manipulation to follow the contours of the anatomy. The Titanium material used to manufacture the Blades and Frame allow the MRI to look through the Retractor allowing the Retractor to remain in the operating site during surgery.


  • Blade depth Gauge with different colours for different depths
  • Titanium Coloured Blades to identify the correct depth required from depth gauge
  • Two angled Blade Holder Forceps to assist the initial placement of the Blades
  • Optional longer rack for a muti-level exposure
  • Able to use for Korpectomy and two level surgery
  • Attachment to convert into a Lumbar Micro Discectomy Retractor
  • Titanium Right, Left and offset Retractor Frames to ensure effective retraction of the soft Tissue and muscle allowing the surgeon an improved vision of the disc space

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