Hand and Foot Surgery Instruments

Mercian offer a comprehensive range of instrumentation for both hand and foot surgery.

We offer instrumentation for to following areas;

  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Bone Surgery
  • Tendon Surgery
  • Micro Surgery

We can offer in set form both basic and extended sets of Hand Surgery Instrumentation for any level of hand surgery.

website-Tournique-picThe Digiband is a soft silicone tourniquet used to restrict blood flow during finger or toe surgery which is offered in a sterile pack in boxes of 20 pieces, these are coloured yellow to ensure high visibility. The soft material of the Digiband avoids vascular damage to the digit during surgery.

The Hintermann Distractor is used in foot and ankle surgery for bone distraction as an alternative to Lamina Spreaders. The instrument can be locked and applies distraction across two K-wires placed on either side of a joint.

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