Plastic & Reconstructive Micro Surgery Instruments

Mercian supply a programme of the finest specialist instrumentation for both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.

The skills required to perform plastic surgery techniques require the highest precision and allow no room for compromise which is why Mercian instruments are regularly favoured and requested by surgeons in this chapter of surgery.

We offer instrumentation for the following areas of plastic surgery;

  • Rhinoplasty Instruments
  • Endoscopic Brow lift Instruments
  • Breast reconstructive Surgery
  • Craniofacial Instruments
  • Micro Surgery

Mercian offer the Tebbetts Breast Retractors with fibre optic illumination and smoke evacuation, these retractors are offered either with toothed or blunt blades. Four different polished blade lengths and widths are offered with this retractor.

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Micro Instruments

Mercian has been supplying the well-known S&T programme of micro surgery instrumentation from our Swiss partners over many years now with a great degree of experience in this exacting field of surgery, we are the preferred partner for the micro surgeon who will only work with the highest quality micro instrumentation in this uncompromising field of surgery.


  • Mercian supply the original Acland® Micro Vessel Clamps for occlusion of very small vessels during micro surgery, these instruments are manufactured by skilled Swiss instrument craftsmen to the finest tolerances.
  • We offer our Visibility Background Material to assist the Micro Surgeon in visualizing the vessels in the operating field, available in three colours green, blue and yellow this product is supplied sterile in boxes of 12 pcs.
  • Our special offer Basic Micro Instrument set at a package price is popular as it gives you a fully comprehensive set of Micro Instruments at a fixed cost.

Sterile boxes

1mm grid shown on one side


Visibility Background Material

Assists the visualization of small vessels during micro surgery procedures


Silicone piece with 1mm grid on one side and plain on reverse side, available in blue, green and yellow colours. Sterile packed in boxes of 12 pcs.


For use in Micro Surgical Anastomosis of micro vessels under a microscope to allow the surgeon to better visualise the detail of the vessels, being closed.

The Visibility Material can be used either with the grid side up to give the surgeon a scale of the vessel alternatively the reverse plain side can also be used.

Acland Micro Vessel Clamps

website-ackland-clampsThe gold standard for micro vessel occlusion clamps with many design advantages for the Micro Surgeon:

  • Light and compact design
  • Extremely durable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • A unique gripping surface
  • Smooth sliding bar action on the approximator clamps
  • Clamp profile with parallel sided jaws
  • Matt finish

We look forward to hearing from you regarding any requirements you may have.

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