Surgical Burs and Drill System

Mercian present our Micro Torque Surgical Drill System a multi-speciality system which incorporates the most advanced electronics available, it features a powerful micro motor with a irrigating system. It is foot pedal controlled operating up to speeds of 40,000RPM this system is suitable for all small bone surgery in the following specialities;

  • Maxillo Facial
  • ENT
  • Spinal

All widely available intra fitting hand pieces are compatible for use together with this system.

Mercian also offer a wide range of Sterile Packed Oral Surgery & ENT Burs packed in boxes of either 5 or 10. The popular Toller Pattern Oral Surgery Burs is available in a tapered 1.6mm head size or 2.3mm round head size.

A range of surgical handpieces both straight and angled with Intra fitting are available to fit the Micro Torque System.

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