Caspar Cervical Distraction Screws

Anterior cervical spinal surgery requires the vertebra to be distracted to allow access to the intervertebral disc.
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Our Caspar Distraction Screws are used in conjunction with the Caspar Vertebral Body Distraction Set in the Cervical Spine between level C1 to C5.

The use of Caspar Screws to distract the vertebral body increases the exposure of the disc space for subsequent decompression or facilitate graft insertion into the Disc space for spinal fusion.

Mercian Caspar Distraction Screws are supplied in a sterile single use blister packing, packed individually in a box of 10 screws. At least 2 pins are required for each procedure. 

The selection of the screw length is dependent on the condition of the Bone.

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A range of features that you can rely on

Single use means screws are convenient and sharp every use

Available in 3 different screw lengths; 12mm, 14mm & 16mm

CE marked and comply with the EU MDD 93/42 EEC 

Compatible with all types of Caspar Distraction Instrument sets

At least 2 pins are required for each procedure

Fluted design and self-tapping thread design allows a secure placement into vertebral bone.

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