Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Mercian Instruments manufactured?

Mercian Surgical is a British manufacturer and repairer of surgical instruments. We insist on controlling the quality of every item we create, from the materials utilised to the stringent testing procedures. We work with partners from around the world ensuring that they all comply to the highest quality standards.

Is Mercian part of any NHS Framework?

Yes, we are on several frameworks:

  • NHS Supply Chain Total Orthopaedics 2
  • Surgical Instruments Frameworks
  • Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery Framework
  • All Wales Orthopaedic Framework

How do I demagnetise my Micro Instruments?

We offer a demagnetising service; contact your local representative or you can have your instruments sent to us

Are you able to Repair Instruments?

Our skilled repair team is capable of repairing a wide range of specialised surgical instruments. Working under close magnification, we can examine the fine details of these specialised instruments.

Micro instruments are restored and refurbished to their original specifications.

Spinal instruments are disassembled, cleaned, realigned, and sharpened as needed before being returned to full working order.

Do Mercian Loan / Hire medical Instruments?

We offer a wide range of loan equipment ranging from Black Belt Cervical Retractor System, McCulloch Retractor to Arthroscopy Sets. For further information on how we can meet your needs please contact your local rep or email

How long is the standard warranty period?

The standard warranty is 12 months.

Which Products do Mercian offer?

Mercian is pleased to present a comprehensive programme of high-quality instruments for spinal surgery, specifically for the cervical and lumbar approaches.

Specialist instrumentation for the three disciplines of both reconstructive microsurgery, plastic surgery and maxillo facial surgery. Well-designed, quality and robust Instrument for large Bone Orthopaedic Surgery. And many more.