Surgical Burs and Drill System



Our Mercian present the Micro Torque Surgical Drill System an advanced multi-speciality system which incorporates state of the art electronics, it features a powerful micro motor combined with a irrigating system. It is foot pedal-controlled operating up to speeds of 40,000rpm, this system is suitable for all small bone surgery in the following specialities;

~ Maxillo Facial ~ ENT ~ Spinal

All commonly available intra fitting hand pieces are compatible for use together with this system.

Mercian also offer a wide range of Sterile Packed Oral Surgery & ENT Burs packed in boxes of either 5 or 10 Burs. The popular Toller Pattern Oral Surgery Burs is available in a tapered 1.6mm head size or 2.3mm round head size.

A range of surgical handpieces both straight and angled with Intra fitting are available to fit the Micro Torque System.

Sterile Surgical Burs

Our Toller Oral Surgery Burs are popular for Oral & Maxillo facial Surgery with the Tapered Toller Fissure Bur used in partnership with the Round Head 2.3mm Toller Bur for removal of impacted Molars.

The Trimmer Bur, sometime known as a Christmas Tree Head bur is available in both 5mm & 6mm head size.

Lindemann side cutting burs are offered in three different lengths and with multiple teeth are designed to be used in procedures where the mandible requires a clean cut across.

ENT Burs for middle ear procedures with both cutting and Diamond coated for polishing offer sizes from 0.9mm up to 6mm head sizes.

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