McCulloch Retractor Set

Introducing our most popular Spinal Retractor Set - the McCulloch Retractor.

Engineered to aid in surgery

The McCulloch Retractor has been engineered to aid in surgery by allowing maximum exposure to the disc whilst using the minimum size incision. The McCulloch Retractor is specialised for Lumbar Microdiscectomy and we supply it as a full set which is complete with a wide range of interchangeable blades and two retractor frames.

The set is now suitable for high BMI patients as we offer blades up to 120mm depth as well as a longer rack for wide incisions.

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A range of features that you can rely on

This specialist retractor allows the consultant the optimal exposure to the disc with the minimum incision.
The design of the jointed retractor arms improves access with the arms adjustable to adopt a low profile along the contour of the patients back.
The black finish eliminates distracting reflections under the microscope during surgery.
The wide selection of blades available allows the surgeon full flexibility in approaches to the disc.

Longer arms accommodating two blades on each arm. Useful for multi-level approach.

Extra long rack allowing wider exposure

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