Plastic Surgery Instruments

Mercian present a comprehensive programme of specialist instrumentation for the three disciplines of both reconstructive microsurgery, plastic surgery and maxillo facial surgery.



The skills required to perform plastic surgery techniques require the highest precision and allow no room for compromise which is why Mercian Instruments are regularly favoured and requested by surgeons for this chapter of surgery.

We offer instrumentation for the following areas of plastic surgery;

Breast reconstruction
Craniofacial surgery
Maxillo Facial

Mercians new Plastic surgery brochure details our complete programme of Instruments to over all the subcategories of Plastic and Maxillo Facial surgery. This complex speciality is a growing area and having high quality instruments available significantly improves the successful outcome of surgery.

Micro Instruments

Mercian and our partners S&T are a combination of companies who have built a reputation over many years for the finest microsurgery instrumentation with a great degree of experience in this exacting field of surgery. We are the preferred partner for the micro surgeon who will only work with the highest quality micro instrumentation in this uncompromising field of surgery.

Mercian supply the original Acland® Micro Vessel Clamps for occlusion of very small vessels during micro surgery, these instruments are manufactured by skilled Swiss instrument craftsmen to the finest tolerances.

We offer our Visibility Background Material to assist the Micro Surgeon in visualising the vessels in the operating field, available in three colours green, blue and yellow this product is supplied sterile in boxes of 12 pcs.

Our special offer Basic Micro Instrument set at a package price is popular as it gives you a fully comprehensive set of Micro Instruments at a fixed cost.

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