Orthopaedic Instruments

Mercian Orthopaedic Instruments deliver a well-designed, quality and robust Instrument for large Bone Orthopaedic Surgery.


Mercian Orthopaedic Instruments are the first choice for robust quality and design for the Orthopaedic surgeon.

Our Orthopaedic instruments are engineered to the very highest quality by the most highly skilled instrument craftsmen in the world and are designed for maximum strength, durability and performance for the Orthopaedic Surgeon in this tough, demanding speciality.

You will find within our programme Instruments suitable for a wide spectrum of the orthopaedic sub specialities.

We also offer a range of sterile packed consumables for Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery including kirschner wires, threaded Steinmann and Denham Pins for trauma surgery packed in boxes of 10.

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