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SUTTER Medizintechnik GmbH

Based in Freiburg the south West of Germany Sutter enjoys a reputation as the market leader for precision Bipolar Forceps and Electrosurgery Instruments for electrosurgery. With 50 years of experience developing high quality Forceps for various chapters of Surgery we have their UK distributor for over 20 years.

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S&T AG - Microsurgical Instruments

S&T are a famous Swiss Micro Instrument company who since 1966 have been the leading Reconstructive Microsurgery Instrument company supporting Micro Surgeons throughout the world.

They offer the original Acland Micro Vessel Clamps used throughout Micro Surgery for reliable occlusion of small vessel during Anastomosis.

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RZ Medizintechnik

RZ Medizintechnik are a German company based in the Medical equipment Hub of Tuttlingen.

They were established 25 years ago and are a family company who are specialized in advanced Endoscopic Surgery.

Mercian have been their UK distributor for the 25 years of their existence and have stablish the RZ brand which is now known for quality and precision throughout the UK.



Biover are a Swiss company who manufacture a particular single use micro vessel clamp with both single and double approximating clamps for use in delicate Micro Anastomosis surgery.

With four sizes of these clamps Biover clamps which deliver a secure, consistent, low-pressure occlusion of fine vessels.

Until now, clamping of vessels has been imperfect with clamps slipping off vessels and vessel trauma from excessive clamp pressure.

The Biover clamps removes these disadvantages delivering consistent pressure every time whilst securely in position on the vessel.

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