Spinal Surgery

Mercian has pleasure in presenting a comprehensive programme of high quality instruments for spinal surgery; in particular, for both the cervical and lumbar approach to spinal surgery.

Advanced Black Belt ACD Cervical Retractor set

Offers optimal exposure and vision for the Anterior Cervical Discectomy surgical approach


McCulloch Retractor Set

Offers optimal exposure and vision for Lumbar Micro Discectomy surgery


Spinal Instrumentation


These instruments are manufactured to the highest specification by skilled instrument craftsmen using the latest precision machines and are designed to offer both precision and performance to the Spinal Surgeon.

Our titanium coated Black Line Kerrison Laminectomy Punches offer an extremely smooth function together with a very sharp cutting edge designed to retain their cutting edge for a significantly longer length of time.

Mercian have a family of specialist spinal retractors for improved access allowing for smaller more precise incisions for surgery in both the lumbar and cervical approach. The Black Belt Cervical Retractor is the leading retractor used in the anterior cervical approach and has proved to be a very popular system. Our McCulloch Lumbar Retractor system is the most capable Retractor for Lumbar Spine surgery.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding any Spinal Instrument requirements you have.

Specialist Spinal Retractors

Spinal surgery is one of the fastest growing and dynamic chapters of modern surgery with constant advancements in both techniques and instrumentation design. It is also one of the most challenging and demanding sub specialities of orthopaedic and neurosurgery.

Our family of Spinal Retractors sets offer the Spinal Surgeon the best access solutions for all techniques of spinal surgery.

In particular for lumbar spine surgery our popular McCulloch Lumbar Spine Retractor set offers excellent access for micro discectomy surgery in the lumbar spine approach. Available in a custom container with a broad range of blade sizes offered including deeper blades for high BMI patients.

Our Black Belt Cervical Retractor system is the most versatile and widely used retractor for the Spinal Surgeon used in the anterior cervical discectomy approach to the cervical spine.

The flexibility of the jointed frames allows the retractor to remain unobtrusive achieving the smallest incision with the optimal access to the cervical spine.

We offer this retractor in either stainless steel or titanium versions for improved vision under X-Ray conditions.

The Super-Slide II Retractor System offers a solution when a larger multi-level operation is required in lumbar surgery, a variation of different blade lengths covers all possible requirements with a particularly robust design. This is ideal for the placement of Spinal Rods or Pedicle Screws.

The Caspar Retractor Lumbar Retractor offers an alternative design to our McCulloch Retractor with the speculum design of the retractor blades allowing a narrow access to the lumbar spine.

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