UK’s First Double Hand Transplant Successful

Leeds General Infirmary has undertaken the UK’s First Double Hand Transplant.

Professor Simon Kay led the operation, which saw Leeds General Infirmary’s Plastic Surgery team change Chris King’s life forever.

The patient had lost both his hands, apart from the thumbs, in an industrial accident three years ago. The 57-year-old received two new hands from a donor and whilst he is the second person to have a hand transplant at Leeds, he is the first to have both hands replaced.

The operation is a fantastic achievement for the hospital, especially as Chris already has some movement in them.
Professor Simon Kay with his patient

This very complex surgery can last up to 12 hours in duration and typically involves a team of 12 clinical personal. The success of this surgery requires many factors but the use of Mercian’s S&T precision Micro Surgery Instruments to attach the nerves and small vessels is crucial to restoring the vascular network in the hands.

The Leeds team use Mercian Micro Instruments within their Instrument Sets.

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